2022: the first N-Com communication system dedicated to SHARK ready-made helmets is launched.


Thanks to more than ten years’ experience, consolidated know-how and design strategies, N-Com has become the brand of choice in the development of specific systems for SHARK, a helmet manufacturer for over 30 years. The new synergy between the two brands has led to the release of the B802 SK system, the first N-Com intercom dedicated to the SHARK EVO GT helmet.


Based on the same electronic communication platform used in N-Com B902 products, the B802 SK system features specific firmware and components designed exclusively for compatible SHARK helmets.

Installation in the helmet is simple and intuitive, with optimal integration and uncompromised comfort. The two earphones are positioned in the dedicated slots in the cheek pads, optimizing audio quality and maintaining comfort whilst wearing the helmet.

Its multiple functions make the B802 SK system suitable for a motorcyclist’s varied requirements, both on long distant and short city trips.


Compatible SHARK helmets (2023 range): EVO GT

For further details: B802 SK


With N-Com, safety comes first. Nolan, X-lite, Grex and SHARK helmets, equipped with their respective N-Com systems, are approved and comply with ECE/UN Regulation 22: all the comfort of an integrated intercom without affecting the safety features of the helmet.


The main system settings can be programmed at home using N-Com EASYSET for PC/MAC or via the N-Com EASYSET App for Android and Apple smartphones.

On the road, just say a word out loud to answer a call (Voice Answer feature).