How many aspects do you consider before choosing a helmet? Design, comfort, ventilation, technical equipment... But, first and foremost, the rider’s safety.

Speaking of safety, we should not forget that all accessories added to the helmet jeopardise its regulatory compliance if not type-approved on the helmet itself.

Nolangroup helmets with built-in N-Com systems are type-approved and comply with Regulations UN/ECE No. 22.

Choose N-Com by Nolangroup. Safety first, always.


All N-Com systems are conceived and designed in close relationship with the Nolangroup helmets in which they are incorporated: this makes it possible to guarantee all riders the focus on details and top quality from all standpoints.

Thanks to the pre-setting in the Nolangroup helmets, the N-Com systems are a perfect fit, and do not change in any way the wearing comfort or the aerodynamics of the helmet.


Inside a pre-set Nolangroup helmet, the positioning of the N-Com earphones is carefully studied for optimal audio diffusion. Whether it is a phone call with your best friend or the song you just have to listen to during the ride, the audio quality will amaze you.

Obviously in stereo mode, obviously with dual earphone.